Roundabout Ltd - Sheffield

Car Bonnet Rally Design, Exhibition and Auction




We are looking to commission artists for our biggest ever fundraising event, Bangers and Cash 2023. Bangers and Cash will see up to 30 teams taking part in a car rally from Sheffield to Munich, but the rally has a difference! The bonnets will be painted with beautiful artwork and showcased throughout the tour. The bonnets will also be put on display in an exhibition in Sheffield during October 2023 and then auctioned to raise funds for the charity.

Artists are given the opportunity to also design a Road Traffic Sign which will be used in the exhibition and Auction event as well as displayed at Art in the Gardens.

All artists are paid for the work that they complete, for full details on this please see the Artist Pack on the link below.

We would love this opportunity to support local artists! It would be amazing to see one of your beautiful designs on one of our bonnets. If you have the time to find out more about the commission, please follow this link to our Artist Guide:


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