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Call-out to Curators for Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2023




Have an idea for an exhibition? Tell us about it.

Deadline 30th October 2022.

Fringe Arts Bath (FaB) is a test-bed for the new, wonderful and sometimes odd. We invite fresh and challenging concepts and encourage you to think outside the box!

FaB Curators' shows can include: performance, intervention, installation, multi-media and video work, photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and all disciplines in between.

FaB is totally open, anyone can apply, with any level of experience: students, graduates, artists, local, national, international.

If selected, FaB will help you develop your concept, reach artists, and your project will form part of Fringe Arts Bath Festival in May-June 2023.

Submission details: Approx. 500 words detailing the underpinning themes with supporting images and your CV. You can submit as a PDF, a Powerpoint, a video, an audio file, or by post. If another format suits you better, let us know.


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Deadline 30th October 2022.


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