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2 minutes to midnight - an extravaganza




Any type of artist can contribute to the transition beyond capitalism.

2m2m is a platform for artists and activists to share work inspired by the book People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy from May through September 2021 online.

In October ’21, 2m2m hosts a festival of works by artists and activists in New York and in other cities in the world.

A selection of works will be featured on 2 minutes to midnight – a televised extravaganza in 2022.

To submit your work, do it in this link:

You can find all the materials that will help you get inspiration in our website and also through this links:

- Here you can listen to the audiobook

- Read a few ideas from every chapter to get inspiration

- Watch the videos Chapter Tidbits to understand what the book is about

For further information contact or