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St. Michael's Studios

St. Michael's Studios

Open Saturday 11am - 4pm
Bank Holiday Weekends 10am - 5pm

Started in 1999, St Michael's Studios has established Bridport as one of the most exciting artistic
communities in the West Country, providing work and exhibition space for 25 award-winning painters,
sculptors, illustrators, designers and
photographers. We have frequent exhibitions throughout the year, with big Open Studio events on the August and May Bank Holiday weekends and a number of artists also open on Saturdays.
Artists include Kit Glaisyer, Caroline Ireland, David Brooke, Paul Blow, Andrew Leppard, Ian Dunn, John Boyd, Prue Heward-Morgan, Annalisa Renee, Anna Sullock, Jan Zajac, Lisa Clement, Caroline Moore, Charles Hallsworth, Brian Johnson, Marion Taylor, Sally Davies, Marion Irons and Jemma Thompson.

Prices range: £100 to £20,000

The Art & Vintage Quarter
St. Michael's Trading Estate

01308 424582