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Whitford Fine Art

London, SW1Y 6BN
Whitford Fine Art

Whitford Fine Art

Open 11-5pm

Whitford Fine Art was founded in 1973 by Louise Whitford and Adrian Mibus. Operating from premises in Belgravia, the Louise Whitford Gallery, as it was then named, dealt in Belle Epoque, Orientalist, Symbolist and Vienna Secessionist painting and sculpture. When in 1982 the Louise Whitford Gallery associated with David Hughes, the gallery moved to its current premises on 6 Duke Street, St.James's. Whitford and Hughes continued dealing in the arts of 1880-1930 and developed a distinctive specialisation in Belgian painting and French inter-war Cubism. The Gallery stock included oil paintings by all the great names of the Pre-Raphaelite and Victorian Schools, Symbolist and Belle Epoque masters. Their exhibition catalogues have become collectables for anybody with an interest in these fields

6 DukeStreet
St James's

0207 930 9332