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Rossella Bellusci - Frontal Light

Rossella Bellusci - Frontal Light

Barbara Behan Contemporary Art

Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 12pm-5pm

Bellusci is a photographer who uses her material and her subject in an entirely new way, employing the instruments of vision: the eye and light, centering on the act of confrontation with light itself. Her objects become submerged as light is no longer the means to enlighten the subject but silently devours and becomes it. The work is starkly minimalist and requires the viewer's perseverance as the outlines of the object become a few imperceptible traces in what at first seems to be a sea of white monochrome. Yet this challenge should be met, just as she confronts so should we and thus she demands our attention. Her approach forces us to question our perceptions of even the most mundane of objects. We are being encouraged to explore and question light itself, remembering that it is 'a living substance' as the artist puts it. Are we fooled by light? Does it reveal or rather shroud?

50 Moreton Street