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Amos - this human beast

this human beast

Amos - this human beast

Amos - this human beast

6/9/2013 to 6/21/2013

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Pauline Amos’s new show critiques human behavior and society in a series of provocative paintings, collages, and drawings.


32 Rivington Street London EC2A 3EQ


29th May-21st June

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Free admission

PAULINE AMOS opens her new and provocative exhibition, THIS HUMAN BEAST, at the Hix Gallery today. First making her mark in 2005 having valued her own painting at £1.3m,Amos is set to cause a stir again amongst the industry.

The exhibition is both a comment and a complaint: about weaponry, ongoing wars and the relentless violence of the world in which we live.

Amos has created a journey through weaponry, with canvas paintings hanging from meat hooks to reflect carcasses and drawings of the human form featuring intestines reconfigured as atom bombs.

Sick to death with the incessant, inescapable drone of warfare in the media landscape, THIS HUMAN BEAST prompts us to ask when will it all end? When will the blur within the blur of ghastly blood soaked newsreels become a cry of ‘enough?’

Amos comments: ‘With drones infesting the skies and new types of warfare. Civilization doesn’t stop violence; it just hides it more and more. We live on the veneered surface of politeness meanwhile not very far away death and carnage carries on.’

Showcasing at the Hix Gallery from the 29th May, and drawing inspiration from sources as disparate as Theodore Adomo’s critical theory, and stark photos of an abattoir, Amos’ work strips away the veneer and puts death and violence under the spotlight.

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