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Tristan Christann



a bullet-proof overcoat of shaven and plastified leather, ready to withstand any long and frightful pressure: strenuously, impassionately, without submitting, but without hope.

[…] a revel after long privation and swoon : the frolicking of returning energy, of newly awakened belief in a tomorrow and after-tomorrow ; a sudden perception and prescience of a future, of near adventures, of seas once more open, and aims once more permitted and believed in.

And what was now all behind me! This track of desert, exhaustion, unbelief, and frigidity in the midst of youth, this advent of grey hair at the wrong time.

(Friedrich Nietzsche, The Joyful Wisdom, Preface)

Open Edition


Things done without supernatural powers, really are not worth the thought. 

We should use at least three of them in the same time, not to bore the remaining ones and only rarely stop on common ground which always proves such total lack of taste. Its no cup of tea at all for instance, to use ones bones, soft and stiffening, for anything but fishing the skies or fondling the depths where clouds of either kind throw back naturally our glances of felicity.



Tristan expresses his visions through menswear clothing, interior design and films. He lives and works in Shepherd's Bush London.