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Tristan Christann



Whether in soft wool, waxed cotton or metallic silk - Sturm & Drang is easily dealt with in this romantic cape.

“It is not the treasures,” said he to himself, “that have awakened in me such unutterable longings. Far from me is all avarice; but I long to behold the blue flower. It is constantly on my mind, and I can think and thrive of nothing else. I have never been in such mood. It seems I had been dreaming earlier, or slumbering into another world; for in the world in which I normally lived, who would trouble himself about a flower? I never have heard of such a strange passion for a flower here.

[…] Would that I could explain my feelings in words! I am often full of rapture, and it is only when the blue flower is out of my mind, that this deep, heart-felt longing overwhelms me. But no one can comprehend this but myself... I might think myself mad, were not my perception and reasonings so clear; and this state of mind appears to have brought with it superior knowledge on all subjects.

I have heard, that in ancient times beasts, and trees, and rocks conversed with men. As I gaze upon them, they appear every moment about to speak to me; and I can almost tell by their looks what they would say. There must be yet many words unknown to me.

(Henry of Ofterdingen, Novalis)

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Things done without supernatural powers, really are not worth the thought. 

We should use at least three of them in the same time, not to bore the remaining ones and only rarely stop on common ground which always proves such total lack of taste. Its no cup of tea at all for instance, to use ones bones, soft and stiffening, for anything but fishing the skies or fondling the depths where clouds of either kind throw back naturally our glances of felicity.



Tristan expresses his visions through menswear clothing, interior design and films. He lives and works in Shepherd's Bush London.