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Tristan Christann



A perennial riddle
to himself and to others.

Yes, father I am listening.

So, do not be too proud! but rather fear the duty you have been called to fulfil. Because from this moment on, the path of salvation will become more arduous for you.

Yes father.

You must learn to be humble. It is what I most wish for you. It will be your duty to listen to the words and warnings of those who will be around you and to follow their advice. Remember : The truly great man is small inside himself and does not pay regard
to any peak of success.

Yes, father. You know how I’ve been waiting in anguish for this day.
But I am no longer afraid! Lately I’ve been feeling more serene because I understood how I should use my power. And to me it seems so simple, so wonderful. I will be able to gather around me truly wise men, men of great talent, great artists.
And to all of them I will humbly ask for help. The monuments of my kingdom will be built for them, like all the great kings did in every era. And I will become a better person.

(Entry sequence of Luchino Visconti’s ‘Ludwig’)

Open Edition


Things done without supernatural powers, really are not worth the thought. 

We should use at least three of them in the same time, not to bore the remaining ones and only rarely stop on common ground which always proves such total lack of taste. Its no cup of tea at all for instance, to use ones bones, soft and stiffening, for anything but fishing the skies or fondling the depths where clouds of either kind throw back naturally our glances of felicity.



Tristan expresses his visions through menswear clothing, interior design and films. He lives and works in Shepherd's Bush London.