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Rebecca Turk-Richards

Small Things- Subway

Small Things- Subway

Oil on Board
34cm x 48cm











I am concerned with exploring a moment in time, as I collect memories, feelings and observations that act as a catalyst for the image I am going to make. I look to the unseen in my work, as I am always trying to create an atmosphere or psychological tension through narratives, colour or texture.

Recent paintings and prints have concentrated on the figurative, where I strive to focus on what it is to be human, drawing on connections with each other, ourselves or the space we inhabit. Other works are an expressive response to an environment, through a physical journey and its topography, encountered from afar or closeup.

I am attracted to natural and manmade patterns that feature as recurring motifs, as well as having a fascination with translucent layering, which perhaps acts as a stream of memories or unconscious thoughts.