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Gala Bell



Oil and Biro on Silk
12cm x 13cm


Gala Bell is a London based artist exploring diverse processes in painting and drawing through traditional and unorthodox techniques. Often employing synthetic materials and consumer products such as hair gel, faux fur, eyelashes, nails, toys, packaging and processed food in her paintings, she attempts to question and challenge the hierarchy of painting through the use of commodities and the capitalist aesthetic of plasticity.                Her practice is driven by instinct, inspired by objects and occurrences on the street, she draws on everyday experience to inspire processes using found objects that are translated into painting. On going work includes iconoclastic drawings on banknotes, passports, legal papers and chequebooks, seeking to release objects of their authority by making a mark. These works are freely traded with the public and other artists for objects of sentimental value. New and current research involves an investigation into viscous material that arise in sculptural paintings and painterly sculptures. New work also involves video recording exploring the dance between analogue and digital technology and the disruption of screens in everyday life.