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Sarah Luton

'I can mend anything.'

'I can mend anything.'

Portrait painted in water mixable oil from life in one sitting.

Oil on canvas
20cm x 20cm


Corvid 19 No.1


Thea, Theatre Nurse

Uju, Theatre Recovery Nurse

Patrine, Nurse on the Covid Ward

Claire's Allotment

Home-grown Peppers

Cowslips on Thicket Meadow

'I Can Mend Anything'

Bluebells under Beech Trees

Runner Beans

Lillies by the Fireplace


My landscapes are a celebration of the English countryside. I aim to portray my deep-felt love and respect of nature. I am particularly inspired by strong contrasts of light and want to create a narative about the scene. It's often somewhere local where I frequently walk.

My portraits are usually from life so I try to capture my sitter through exploration of form and colour without a preconceived idea. The painting evolves through direct observation and this approach keeps the image fresh and alive. Commissions are welcome.


Sarah Luton studied graphic design at Bath Academy of Art, including three months at the Kunstgewerbeschule, Luzern Switzerland. Whilst there, she filled many sketch books with drawings wherever she went, mainly of people, something she does to this day.

After graduating, she worked in advertising and in 1989 began working at weekends as a double-bass player and juggler. In 1990 she suffered from repetitive strain injury in both wrists, preventing her from working as a graphic artist. The year's break from work became the catalyst for her decision to go freelance as an artist/illustrator and musician.

Sarah has been a landscape artist for many years. Her work is a celebration of the English countryside, portraying the deep-felt love of nature which she has had since childhood, growing up in rural Berkshire. Working from life as much as possible, she is particularly interested in the weather and sometimes this becomes more dominant than the landscape itself.

In the past, many landscapes were in pastel or watercolour. Her present work is often in oil and she still continues to use watercolour.

Her portraits lead her on a different trail. She immerses herself in the sheer enjoyment of the the colour and form from intense observation. She does not set out with a method or preconceived idea of what she wants to achieve but lets the painting evolve as the mood takes her. As all the portraits are usually from life, this approach keeps the images fresh and alive.

Music is as important as her painting.  Once a member of the Newbury Symphony Orchestra and then a part of barn-dance band Sensible Shoes, she is a double-bass player in three bands; 'Tango Select', a four piece tango band consisting of accordion, guitar, fiddle and bass and 'Paris Moon', a duo with Jackie Doe on accordion playing French cafe music (Please see links) and Maidenhead Concert Band. She recently set up a new jazz trio called 'Jazzpidistra' with fellow artist Stephanie Gay. She also plays treble and baritone concertina and writes her own music.