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Milton Grubert

Close Encounter

Close Encounter

Being close with your partner

Acrylic on canvas
36" x 20"


Original paintings, in oils, acrylic and mixed media

  • Art
  • Illustration
  • Design


Milton Grubert was born in India of European and Eastern descent, but from the age of five, lived and studied in Hampshire. 


Milton has been a keen painter from an early age - his mother still has a painting given to her by his Canadian teacher when he was at school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Aged four, he had named his painting "Midnight Rain" - a thing his teacher may have thought to be noteworthy. When he was sixteen he bought himself his first set of oil colours and started playing with paint.


After finishing his education he moved to London and pursued a career in advertising and design for ten years, making the switch to painting for a living, some thirty odd years ago.


Currently working as an artist, illustrator and designer in West London, he enjoys both the free expression of a painter and the precision required of a graphic designer and illustrator. His work is in art collections all over of the world.