abstract photographic print of 35mm negative
no alteration to negative or digital manipulation in any way
achieved by using light and colour to create illusions by 'painting' on film

Limited Edition
Edition of 99


The work being exhibited can be described as 3 different creative phases, using different methods and forms of expression.  On show will be photography, abstracts and displays/boxes/objects.

I started to pick up the camera about 20 years ago, when I felt the need to stop rushing through life and wanted to stop and look.  The lens first gave me the reason to focus and reflect, and as it turned out, also started a journey from being a very head based person to finding a way to switch off my head, follow my gut and express emotion.  The pictures from this phase are based around a theme of windows, looking into and out of them and window displays, which earned me a bit of a reputation as a modern Eugene Atget, albeit in colour and they were usually taken when I was travelling somewhere.

Then I changed my life significantly and I commenced a journey ‘travelling inward’.  Still using photographic 35 mm film, I started to ‘paint’ with light and colour, using illusion, smoke, mirrors and quirky points of view  to create interior landscapes, merging ideas and abstract emotions to give voice to the hidden and unbidden, the subconscious and subliminal.  I never alter/enhance or digitally distort or photoshop  any of pictures, it is all there on the original negative, but it doesn’t really look at all like photography, and I just call them ‘abstracts’.

The other direction I took was turning pictures into 3D displays, and juxtaposing images with objects, often injecting irreverent humour or latent anger, if you one cares to look carefully enough.

(I also create/play with other mediums and follow other paths of fascination such as working with scent and memory, but I have not yet figured out how to exhibit those.)

The exhibit will be based in my garden, hence fingers crossed for a sunny week-end.  If it rains, the display will be protected by clear plastic sheeting and the exhibit will remain open, but if you have the choice, please pop round when the weather is fine and join me for Moroccan mint tea.

Please note that the google map marks the studio 10 Harvard Road on the wrong part of 3 sided Harvard Road, it is on the side which meets Grosvenor Road.