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Sibella Makower

Rose in Green Glass

Rose in Green Glass

Acrylic on canvas
70cm x 60cm


 I am continuing to make paintings exploring the view of the garden from my studio as it changes through the seasons. Both in landscape and still life my work is a meditation on permanence and the passage of time. A sequence of paintings of roses engages with the idea that through art time can be held still. The river is another subject which has drawn me in with its constant movement and flow from one moment to the next.


My paintings are firstly a response to places and things which are important to me, primarily my garden and the River Thames near where I live, the landscapes of the North Wessex Downs and Quercy in France.

Within a still life or landscape, I seek to explore the dialogue between forms which seem to possess separate identities and the space which  weaves connectedness and a harmony of parts . 

Through the process of painting  I set out to find a meeting  place between inner and outer worlds.