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Caroline Langton

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Park 1


I studied biology, maths and art to A Level at school and have always had a ‘scientist’s eye’ for the natural world. Nature is very economical in its behaviour and everything has evolved to compete and succeed. There is no wasted material or effort. I studied botanical painting for a year at the English Gardening School in Chelsea and I quickly learned that plants limit their production of pigments to the minimum…you will always find the same red, blue and yellow in the flowers, roots and the leaves. Therefore when I am painting I only use one red, one blue and one yellow. I occasionally use white and use raw umber to darken the tones.


I am developing my draughtsmanship through constant drawing and this is reflected in my latest works which are in pencil.


I took a degree in graphic design at art college and went on to work as an art editor for ten years in non-fiction book publishing. When I stopped I studied botanical art for two years and completed a diploma in portraiture at The Heatherley School of Fine Art. I am now undertaking a course in icon writing at the Prince's School of Decorative Arts. I have taught design and drawing to young people over the years and continue to make art part of my daily life.