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Isobel MacLeod

2 running and jumping

2 running and jumping

egg tempera + chinese ink on wood.

Mixed Media
30cm x 46cm


 Early work can be found as  Isobel Eady .  A diary of travel and encounter..  Figurative . Drawn boldly with speed , observing directly from life. New work , abstract impressions of places visited .

Dancers in rehearsal.  Rambert. English National Ballet. Rosas.  Vienna Festival Ballet. The Park Walker Dance Co. India . Paris .

 Mostly self taught... drawing with chinese ink onto wood. painting with egg tempera and oil. ...    

 'Isobel responds to the world with a gentle irony that is touching and peculiar to herself '  .  Art critic Sister Wendy Beckett .

Charity - ShootingStarCHASE artists-at-home - video about Isobel's work .


2016Paintings and jackets for book illustration for Harvill Press and Saqi Books , London and Beirut
2007Book jacket Saqi Books Tranche de Plage by Houda Karim
2011Book jacket for Moris Farhi's book of poems 'Songs from Two Continents'. Saqi Books London
1998Full colour illustrations for Wendy Buonaventura's book 'Beauty and the East'. Saqi Books. London
1997Artist in Residence, Diorama Arts London NW1
1995Book jacket for Harvill Press 'Variable Cloud" by Carmen Martin Gaite
1998Logo design for Richmond Borough