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Ruth Hampton

The Wave

The Wave

Oil on canvas
90cm x 60cm



I studied for my degree at Goldsmiths College, London, and am now working as a freelance artist living locally. My work reflects the places I have visited and I try to re-create the atmosphere I felt at the time. My art is a fusion of nature, colour and emotion, seeking to evoke not only the landscape but the feeling that goes with it.


I was born in 1962, and grew up in Reading. I graduated in 1986 with BA hons degree in art/ art history form GoldsmithsCollege and have remained in London ever since. The inspiration for my paintings is drawn from the ever-changing effects of weather and light. I use colour and texture as both a starting point and a form of language to express the profound vitality of nature.

I have exhibited in a number of venues in the west end and have undertaken numerous commissions for various restaurants and clubs.

In addition to my art I have raised three children, I sing in two choirs and am a member of a djembe drumming group.