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Jasna Bell

Bohemian Tea Cup : NOT FOR SALE

Bohemian Tea Cup : NOT FOR SALE

The painting has been inspired by unusual tea cup bought in Prague. Since the cup is gold plated, the gold leaf is used to get the right impression.

Oil on canvas
30cm x 30cm


In Art,  my mission is to manifest beauty, truth, joy, recreational energy... 
Continually challenging my own approach to painting and picture making 
I experienced unpredictable evolution of subjects, compositions and themes 
which were appearing and re-appearing.
Trying to capture moments of tranquility, atmosphere, one fleeting moment of illuminous light...
Visiting the places , meeting new people , immersing in the land and embracing cultural heritage is more than seeing the sights; it is a change that goes deep inside touching on the very core of my believes and serving as my inspiration.
The process of pouring paint and moving the brush on the canvas creates uncontrolled collisions
of line and colour that simulate the image.
The notion of origins and the innate are important in my work, as I seek to explore 
the instinctive and rudimentary actions that each artist has when making work.
Each change within the movements and fluctuation of paint is a fascinating new creation.
This new work shares the same loose execution and is evocative of a playful freedom.








As a foreign Lawyer (BA in Law) I worked in Law and the commercial field for many years.

All these years I was harbouring a love for art and painting in particular. I have attended a number of short courses at Central St Martins College of Art , London’s Atelier for Representational Art, Clapham North and Heatherley Art School in London. I have turned that love in into my new career. Now I am a full time painter and am determined to re-capture the excitement and experience of transition into a new world of art.