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Adrienne Thomas

The Very Safe Baby

The Very Safe Baby

Original acrylic on paper. In light oak box frame (no glass). Length 4ft by 2.5 ft.

Avaialble as prints in A1 A2 A3 A4. Mounted. Prices vary according to size, plus delivery.

Limited Edition
Print of an original painting
5cm x 2cm
Edition of 20


 Born in Sheffield in 1948 my first love was singing but followed closely by "art". Art to me meant anything creative and when I went to Maidstone College of Art in 1969, it was a very experimental time! I did photography, film,"events", painting and installations.

Then I cam across the work of Aviva Gold, whose method of "painting from the inner' really released something in me...maybe because i helped to put aside the inner critic and allow me just to express whatever needed to be expressed. I just revel in the texture, colour and feel of the paint till slowly an image starts to come through. I love unconscious imagery and the paintings take many twosts and turns, transforming from one image to another until it feels "complete". This can take many hours and involve a mix of emotions as the images come through. It is a deep and joyful process and I hope that this feeling comes through in the work. An extra bonus would be if the viewere can resonate with the images from inside themselves.