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McGarvey of Celtic

McGarvey of Celtic

Frank McGarvey of Celtic just after he scored at the 1985 Scottish cup final victory goal against Dundee United (2-0). A tribute to a great footballer with his whole career history and statistics. Happy birthday on the 17 March Frank.

Limited Edition
58cm x 78cm
Edition of 50



Tue, 30-June-2015, 5.45am, HS.

My name is Muhammad Ali Hart and I have been sent by the One, True and Only God The Great and Mighty JEHOVAH The All Wise with a message of hope, redemption and salvation to all the lonely,sick despairing poor and wretched of this planet especially all the drug, alcohol and gamboling addicted people that there is hope of a new day if and when they are willing and hurting enough to want it, one day at a time, and that the one true and only God ,The All Wise JEHOVAH The Compassionate, The Merciful cares for and loves you the most out of all his many children on this still beautiful planet. 

All my lessons, messages and teachings are to be found in my life story, the past, the present and the future of my life story and I will be relaying them over the comming days,weeks, months, years and even thousand years to all who want them, remember no one is twisting your arm up your back or holding a sharp knife to your delicate throat, it,s your life and your soul not mine. All that I have written is JEHOVAH inspired but is not written in Tablets Of Stone, so moot it be. To The Great And Mighty JEHOVAH The One True and Only God All Praise And All Glory.                     

My name is Muhammad I am an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery for myself, one day at a time, I am also 61 years young and I am long term unemployed but I have hopes of one day making a living as a contemporary Artist, I am also a  citizen of Glasgow Scotland and I am also also a Northern Irish Scot. I was born in Glasgow but my late mother Moira (Mary) came from a Northern Irish catholic family background and my late dad Willie came from an Northern Irish Protestant Family background but if anyone asks me I just say I am Scottish.

   I was born on 13- April- 1954 in the very filthy, diseased and rat infested Tenament Slums in the post 1st and 2nd world wars industrial waste lands in the Calton district of the very poor and run down East End of the City of Glasgow my family moved there just before I was born from Ruchazie district so my mum could be near the Paddies and Barrows market places where she had stalls.  I had a happy enough childhood because I had good parents, who like most parents, always tried to do what they thought was best for my brothers and sisters and I.

   I went to a British imprealist state catholic school where I was indoctrinated from day one in the British way of of being subservient to the false God worshipping and decadent ruling classes, the so called Better Class. I was also indoctrinated in the ways of the Papacy the catholic christian religion .Their leader the Pope is said to be revered as Almighty Gods representitive on earth and the catholics just like the protestants worship as one of their Gods the Prophet Jesus who was a man sent by the great and mighty JEHOVAH to tell the People, especially the false God worshiping and decadent rulling elite, to reflect on there past and present to see if they had or are sinning against JEHOVAH and their fellow man and then to give thought to the Hereafter, heaven and hell and to worship the one true and only God The great and Mighty JEHOVAH  the benificiant the merciful, the cause of all causes and to if needs be ask him for forgiveness, Just like all the Prophets sent before and now after the Holy Prophet Jesus he was just a man a very holy man the sinless Prophet but none the less just a man sent by the All Wise JEHOVAH as a prophet to teach his People monotheism and that there is life after death, Heaven and Hell and all that.  I believe there is hope of redemption and salvation for anyone and everyone if they want it in the fellowship and teachings of TIMJAS.


  THE INTERNATIONAL MULTI NATIONAL JEHOVAH,S ANONYMOUS SOCIETY, The People, The Power, The Programme, The Universal Anonymous Fellowship of The Holy Meek.


   TIMJAS is a Society / Fellowship I have started for all the many peoples in the western world who do not care or wish to follow a formal religion but would like to have a higher power a God of their own understanding in their lives. Former President of America Mr Bill Clinton was once asked  what did he think was the best thing to come out of America and Mr Clinton, after a few seconds, gave the reply that he thought it was AA Alcoholics Annonymous.  In TIMJAS I have used an adapted 12 steps and 12 traditions of AA and JEHOVAH willing it will be an international and worldwide 12 step Fellowship with the Great And Mighty All Powerful Creator JEHOVAH as the common All Wise and All Forgiving Higher Power, a spiritual not religious programme in every individuals members life.  As few as two or three people sitting round a kitchen table or lounge coffee table talking in fellowship in any home in the land can be considered a TIMJAS meeting. I believe it has the potential to change this world for the better, one day at a time. I have now layed down the foundation of the Society / Fellowship which is open to anyone and everyone on this planet who wants it, freely and unconditionally, and I will be adding to and exspanding the teachings over the coming weeks, months, years, one day at a time. No one on this planet is beyond JEHOVAH,S  love and Forgiveness and help if they want it... Remember no one is twisting your arm up your back or holding a sharp knife to your delicate throat it is your life and your soul not mine. yours in fraternity and fellowship,   Muhammad Ali Hart Originator and Founding Member of TIMJAS.


THE INTERNATIONAL MULTI NATIONAL JEHOVAH,S ANONYMOUS SOCIETY, The People, The Power, The Programme. The Universal Anonymous Fellowship of The Holy Meek. 


   We must remember that progress is not made by punishment but by love and forgiveness, since punishment brings fear, resentment and revenge where as love and forgiveness brings acceptance, cooperation and joy. This statement holds for our attitude towards ourselves as well as towards others.

   To understand all is to forgive all, let The All Wise JEHOVAH The Compassionate The Merciful be The Judge.               


 I like and support The Glorious Celtic just as much as I like and support The Mighty Rangers and further I also consider myself to be, amongst other things,an unofficial and self-sponsored aspiring contemporary Artist to The Masses which includes the followers and supporters of both of these Great and Historic Glasgow Football Clubs "ART for the Masses"  "ART for the People". Please do not try to contact me through this web site I do not receive your messages, I never have but if you see me out and about Glesga give me a wee smile and you will get one back.

Good Bye for now,  Muhammad Ali Hart.