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Jo Rollnick (ne Wierzbicka)

Baltimore airport 1 and 2

Baltimore airport 1 and 2

Pastel on Paper
20cm x 40cm


 Having been forced to give up art at school by a father who did not consider it a serious profession, I have only recently taken it up again. Retrospectively I am now grateful to my irascible parent as my profession (dentist) allows me the freedom to paint without the pressures suffered by most artists i.e. I can be a dilettante and do what I feel like when I feel like doing it.


What started as a stab at stress control has become somewhat of an obsession. I love being able to use paint in a sensual explosion of colour and texture so unlike the rigid parameters of my day  job. I can also be as violent as I like, channeling all my frustrations constructively. 


I have sold paintings both locally and to the US (collection of the Oncology Centre, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore), Israel, South Africa, Canada, Kenya, Poland and Germany.