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Mike Nuth

pink lady

pink lady

oil,housepaint,wax and plaster on canvas.

Mixed Media on Canvas


libBorn in London  I later moved to Birmingham where I attended Moseley Secondary School for Arts and Crafts, a liberal   school dedicated to individual exploration and development within the arts. After leaving the school and having decided to become a practising painter various jobs to support myself were taken and travels were undertaken to discover a few things about people and the world.After  several years and some hinderance to further study I attended Birmingham college of art where I obtained a B.A hons degree in fine art and an M.A degree in painting. I afterwards helped inaugurate artists studios in the city where I worked alongside other artist friends for several years. As a post graduate student I had exhibited in various mixed shows such as The New Contemporaries and now began to show my work in both mixed and solo exhibitions..I later moved to the Black Mountain region where I worked on a hill sheep farm continuing to practice as an artist.After seven years I moved to Sheffield where I worked as an artist and musician.

Six years later I walked to Devon where I established myself as an artist and tutor.I have for the past two years been travelling in europe making work as I have travelledI have been involved with the organisation of various artistic events,many workshops, I have  curated exhibitions and received several arts council awards in the past.