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Maryam Hashemi

Something is living on mu head

Something is living on mu head

In this self- portrait we have the small figures all over the place specially the one on my head .Not sure who she is or what she is doing but she surely seems comfortable and the other small school kids are doing their P.E exercise I guess.
I look trapped by their existence.

Acrylic on canvas
35cm x 25cm


I'm a multidisciplinary artist based in London .My work is rooted in my upbringing in Iran and layered with my colourful mesh of magick and fantasy. My paintings are windows to other dimensions and I'm always keen to experiment and collaborate with other artists and create an going dialogue with the viewers through my work. 

I create visual art, textile and performance and believe my work is a tool for healing and connection.




Art making has always been part of Maryam.  It started as a form of a companion, her only way to seek approval and a way to face her fears of war while growing up in Iran.

She studied B.A in graphic design which helped her develop her painting style. After the graduation she took a huge step of moving to the U.K which proved to be much harder than she imagined to settle in London even though she had a British Passport for being born in the U.K.

She explored her passion for acting and performing and London provided her a great platform to stretch her interests and ushered her growth.

As her passion for analysing everything grew stronger she started noticing the deeper meanings in her work and the world around. Her paintings became a tool to explore and understand her world as well as windows to different complicated dimensions.

Her innate desire for weaving sometimes inspires a series of colourful tapestries made of old clothes which she sometimes wears or decorate her room with.  She sees them as a way of transforming and releasing emotions within her as well as a wonderful way to interact with others. In her self development journey she discovered that she creates not only to connect but also to heal herself and others.

The more she expresses her different aspects the Transdisciplinary Artist seems the most appealing category for her. Her desire is to create a spark in people and she believes that her art will open the way. 


She has been actively exhibiting in the UK and internationally in venues such as British Library,Barbican ,The OXO Tower and have been involved with many community art projects and cultural events such as Edinburgh Iranian Festival,The Big Draw, Refugee Week and SPILL festival. She has also worked on many commissions and projects for organisations such as Museum Of London, The Wallace Collection and The National Trust. 

She has been interviewd and featured by many TV programmes, radio shows and online magazines. The most exciting of all has been Making Art BBC2 which also highlights a project she did over three weeks period drawing on a van.

She was commissioned for creating original artworks for TV series The Capital (BBC1) by Eros Lynn also acted as the artist advisor on set.