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Noonie Minogue

Breconshire Oak

Breconshire Oak

Limited Edition
28cm x 18cm
Edition of 25



Printmaking allows me to experiment with putting an idea through variations, changing the atmosphere with different colours as if I were changing the lights in a theatre.  I often use many plates together in different combinations. Drawing from imagination I’ve created over the years a cast of characters, a set of hieroglyphic shapes that recur in many of my prints - silhouettes in imaginary landscapes that represent some odd hybrid of human, animal and divine. Sea myths and voyages - the poetry and the music that go with them are a constant reference.  If I look long enough at anything, whether a tree or a soup ladle it often begins to take on archetypal human qualities. I make prints that are widely different in style: precise meditative drawings or the wild rapid abstracts that come so readily with mono print.   A recent experiment in self-portraiture allowed me to drop my own face into the landscapes I’ve been creating. It would be hard to say whether this feels more like the emergence of a puppet master from behind the scenes or the explosion of my surreal little creatures into my own more logical reality. 


Noonie Minogue studied English Literature at Cambridge, Classics at London University, and etching and lithography in Rome. She is a book reviewer, classics tutor, and author of "Nero the singing Emperor" (Short Books). Her new translation from Modern Greek of the Autobiography of Markos Vamvakaris, the Man and the Bouzouki was published June 2015. ( She plays cello, guitar and baglama in various Greek music ensembles and draws inspiration from the music and poetry of the Mediterranean.