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Linda Brill

Two Figs and Silver Jug

Two Figs and Silver Jug

Still life of two figs, a silver jug and linen cloth.

Oil on Board


My recent work has mainly focussed on a contemporary treatment of still life, using traditional oil painting techniques.

The still life paintings begin with setting up a single object, or a selection of objects in natural light, or inside an open ended box, casting deep shadows from which the subject emerges. These can be anything from fruit or flowers, to junk shop finds chosen for their usefulness or decorative qualities, or items of personal significance. I work in oil in a traditional way, using layered glazes, representing the colours, textures and weight of the objects but the images themselves are of today - familiar, ordinary, but also beautiful.


In contrast to my paintings I also draw using charcoal. The subject matter differs, in that the work focusses on the world outside the studio, places visited and captured through the camera lens, to be reworked into scenes imbued with atmosphere and dark intensity. As with my paintings, the charcoal is built up, layer by layer with fixing inbetween, creating deep velvety blacks.





1956Born Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales
1974-1975Bath Academy of Art
1975-1979Cardiff College of Art. BA Hons Fine Art
1979-1984Technician Newport Art College, Art History Dept
1988-1990Image Directory, Illustration Agency
1984-1987South Square Gallery Exhibition Organiser
1990-1995IOU Theatre Company, Administrator
from 1995Finishing School, Decorative Arts Workshop Organiser and Design Shop Manager

Having worked in the arts and arts administration for over thirty years, I started painting and drawing again a few years ago. I have now had three solo shows and taken part in many exhibitions, and am a gallery artist at Water Street Gallery in Todmorden. My work is in private collections in Britain and Europe.

I will be will exhibiting at Water Street Gallery in Todmorden from November to end of January in their Winter Show, and at EclecTic Gallery in Margate throughout November.