Stanwick Lakes

Stanwick Lakes

Oil on canvas
20" x 16"





 Hello and welcome to all  pilgrims of the  Art World

My art work is varied, the mediums I use are:-


 Oil, Water Colour, Pen, Pastel, Experimental and clay.


I am Motivated by water, sea, lakes and our beautiful scenic countryside.

As a total contrast I have a leaning towards African and Aboriginal styles and experimentation.


I hope you enjoy my work feel free to pop in and browse as often as you like, new work will be added as frequently as possible. Paintings are for sale and prints are available of all works.


 August 2015

Sometimes the speed of life takes over and I have to remind myself.. 'Do your job, stick to the 'straight road !'....


4 years later ....!   After a long break... I wll be working on some paintings very soon,  it will be interesting to see how my projects have changed over the course of time......


I was born in Hertfordshire where as a child my love for life was music, I loved to sing and enter music festivals. I had no idea that I had any other artistic talent, had dabbled in doodling, or making something out of nothing when I was bored!


Several years later I became a nurse and eventually in 1994 a sports massage therapist. I started painting at this time and realized how therapeutic it was, and indeed is! 


 I joined a craft group and met some lovely people, we would experiment making seasonal cards, pottery, painting and drinking tea and coffee and eating biscuits and cake! A group I am apart of to this day! At the moment we are experimenting with pottery, if you have never tried it, have a go!  What a great earthy feeling, and to see a ball of clay turn into a dog, cat , face, candle or whatever you want to create, is challengingly exciting!  In my case I am working on a 'Green Man', green men are found all over the world in old churches and old historical houses, usually on the ceiling, and people have been known to travel a very long way to 'spot ' one. If all goes well I will put it for show in the Gallery, so look out for it won't you.


 It is now March 2009 and 'the green man' has arrived, not everybody's taste but I hope you like it. I also hope you are all having a pleasant year so far, in spite of the difficulties we all seem to be facing. I will be hanging more paintings in the gallery next month April, so do drop in and have a look. I will be hanging some more paintings in the gallery before the end of this month. I have changed all my exhibits to 'For Sale' as originals, and not prints, but while I still have the originals please feel free to ask for prints if that is your preference.


Hope summer is going well for all, I know that the gardens will not be thirsty!


September is here! 2009

Wow....,  what happened to summer!,  it went so quick I nearly missed it!  But despite the sun, wind showers, hail, thunder and lightening and all the variations in between, I hope you all had, and are  indeed  still having a wonderful summer. 


As for me I spent my time here in England riding around on my bicycle taking pictures of all the places that I enjoy walking, cycling, painting and generally spending my time.  Living in Northamptonshire I feel  very blessed,  we have such a varied and beautiful countryside with many lakes and country parks, fishing lakes and bird sanctuaries, a painters paradise you might say, and you would be right.


 October 2010

I have an exhibition in Wellingborough library for the whole of November please come along and see my work on display. I will sign off now and thank you for your support.


November 2010 the exhibition was a success and I have some positive feedback.  I have a few more new works of art for you to browse,  although,  life's little challenges have held me back a bit this year !   I hope you enjoy any additions and I look foward to adding some more over the next twelve weeks.  I must have at least half a dozen unfinished symphonies at the moment,  so I am looking foward to making  those brushes work their magic for me again! 

2011has arrived and it is February already.  The first painting of the year has been hung in the gallery, 'Silver Birch Tree' and I am on a roll!  I  Will have another one to show by the end of the month....

Breaking NEWS.... I have had the great pleasure of having one of my oil paintings included in a Newly Published Book called

'DENNIS JACKSON. . .   A Northamptonshire Archaeologist'

The painting included is 'Southwick Hall' and you will find it  hanging in the gallery. It is a remarkable story.... the book can be purchased through: 

Northhamptonshire Archaeological Society  

Well that's all for now

See you soon come back often!

August 2015

Sometimes the speed of life takes over and I have to remind myself.. 'Do your job, stick to the 'straight road'! .....

  4 years later ....!   A long break... but wll be working on some paintings very soon it will be interesting to  to see how my projects have changed over the course of time......