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jonathan fenwick



hand made stainless steel blade with stainless steel fittings.The handle is made from purple heart wood.


When i decided to start making my own sgian dubh I did not want to use the standard plastic and pewter materials and production blade. After a lot of searching and research i was able to soarce some ebony and work out the correct size of the blade, handle and sheath. I decided to start with producing a stainless steel diamond cross section blade which is hand filed and polished. The wooden handle is hand shaped and polished with a stainless steel pommel and tang. The sheath is made from ebony and has a stainless steel cramper. After the handle is assembled the components are pinned in two places. With other types of metal (brass) and hardwood available such as pink ivory, cocobolo and purple heart they look excellent and offer a far more personal item or gift compared to the standard production sgian dubhs available. I am currently working on various styles with brass and silver and if requested gold. I am also planning a presentation sgian dubh and scale model claymores which will be mounted with your specific birth stone and will make an ideal gift to a newborn. I am really excited about this project so look out for them on the website soon. If you would like to discuss purchasing any of the sgian dubhs or to order a specific design please enquire through email or give me a phone. If you want to order one for a wedding present or gift please give me as much notice as possible.


I have been working in Engineering since 1983 when i served my time as a toolmaker. I currently work in a small engineering company using all types of materials but mostly aluminium, steel and stainless steel. We produce small batch parts and one off components for designers and also design and manufacture all types of tooling and fixtures. I made my first sgian Dubh for my friend who was getting married. I soon thought that i should have one and not to leave out the best man. A few other people saw them after completion thus giving me my first three commissions. I am currently making them to order in my spare time.