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Golf Paintings



Acrylic on paper
40cm x 50cm


As a passionate golf player and artiste I am concentrated on golf paintings. High quality paintings of distinctive or signature features of your course or its environs can be created from pictures you supply, using my unique style and techniques. Your paintings can be created in custom or standard sizes as shown below. Every painting will be done with high quality acrylic colours on high quality canvas as a unique original, varnished to protect the decorative surface and hand signed by the artist. These paintings deliver an individual character to your public spaces, your club and fireside lounges, hotel rooms, staircases or other areas. They can also make great prizes for competitions or be given as retirement gifts.


Mai 2008Born and raised in Munich /Germany. Leaving abroad in India and France for 15 years. Back in Germany since 2004. Painting courses in Aix en Provence and Paris, Courses in Munich, enrolledat the Academy of Art.