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Dawn Clarke

A visit to Cougar Gallery

A visit to Cougar Gallery

A black ink characteristic drawing of the Cougar Ladies at Cougar Gallery. A gentle satire using gestural representational images depicting the new name given to modern successful women.The drawing is in a simple pine frame.

Pen on Paper
30cm x 40cm


My work has progressed into a journalistic statement of events in history and present. Like the graphite work some of it is serious, others quite light hearted. The images reflect the attitude of the daily news, with a serious start, but always ending on the light hearted. A good example of the light hearted is 'Ladies at Cougar Gallery, a gallery for ladies who have it all'. At this point my focus is on the light hearted paintings while in the past it was the more serious news. I would like to add the Cougar Gallery exhibits my early work, such as the landscapes. All the paintings/drawings link together. A good description of the 'Ladies at Cougar Galleries' is characterisations with a suggestion of satire. Each painting has a sense of humour.   


1980-1985Part of non-sectarian art group Belfast N.I. Exhibited and ran work shops. Sold jewellery.
1985-1990Designed and made sets for drama groups. Involved in group exhibitions. Sold jewellery.
1990-1995Created performance character based on tribal clown using body paint for carnival. Group exhibitions.
1995-2000Started my relationship with art college. Experimented with everything. Exhibited in college venues.
2000-2006Took my time doing a degree in painting. Formulated my own theory and put it into my work.
2006-At present exhibiting mainly on web sites and art fairs.
2007-started work on a three year project plan titled 'Episodes of Humanity'. Part one is title 'Reinterpretatio of the Massacre of the Innocent'. A graphite and oil work on paper.
2007-Exhibited work 'Reinterpretation of the Massacre of the Innocents'.
2007-exhibited in Pall Mall gallery
2008-exhibited in chelsea library. Solo show of selected studies and the 'Massacre of the Innocents