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susan atkinson

Winter Sun

Winter Sun

An abstract image in red and black of a cold winter sunset with the sun struggling to appear through dark clouds

Gloss Paint on Stretched Canvas
48" x 40"


Artists Statement Evolving Sky My paintings are directly inspired by the volatility of the sky. As the sky evolves through the endless colours in the spectrum so I have tried to emulate this with bold entropic colour schemes. I am an abstract artist and whilst my work appears spontaneous with an element of chance the method of making is very controlled and difficult to repeat. My work is very much involved with the process, the making, spinning, tipping and pouring of paint.


1956Born Hexham Northumberland
1990Moved to London
1999London Guildhall University BTEC Foundation Art & Design
2001London Guildhall University BA Hons Fine Art: 2.1
Artists Background I was always interested in art and at school studied art to A level. On leaving school I took a job in the insurance industry working for The Prudential. Being made redundant after twenty years gave me the opportunity to take up art again. I enrolled at London Guildhall University initially studying for a BTEC Foundation course in Art and Design which I passed with a distinction. Encouraged by my tutors I went on to a BA course graduating with a BA Hons in fine art three years later. During the course of my studies I experimented with many different mediums and painting methods both conventionally with a brush or palette knife and also applying paint direct to the canvas without the use of a tool. Following much experimentation I have found that my current method of tipping and pouring and spinning the canvas achieves the results I want. I have established that the best medium for my work is gloss paint on stretched canvas.