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Tony Broadbent



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Welcome to my art.

June 2016. Update. New series of artwork coming on stream  - not in any retail outlet and only available from me directly or on some no commission websites, like this one. The " Changes " series contain  wonderfully expressive thick swathe marks of imasto oil over a high relief painted background in an egg shell or teal like colour. Very much in trend as suitable original abstract art, a statement piece in an almost classic expression of the style and my way of doing things.

I have created some new Digital images and pieces of work, some I am displaying in the Showcase and there is now a new Section of available Limted Edition prints, though it is only a small selection at the moment on this site.

The majority of work is oil on canvas.

Abstract Internalism, a term I came up is about calm, relaxing images engendering a feel good mood in the viewer.

Angst is about feelings, social commentary, political and pathological injustice.

Fractured Surrealism is vibrant colour and form sketches, initially done as ink on paper and are inspired by Pyschedelia and a fusion of inspirations, some are distinctly thematic.

Also, Contemporary/retro Pop art, abstract, surreal, traditional and Other, message/text art.

You can see, I paint what I feel, no matter how calm, simple or twisted the reasoning behind it..some with words, some without.

...and, because there are many out there believe that there is no original art left, one may say that my works are inspired by Dali., Kandinsky, Hopper, Cesar Manrique, Miro, Bracht, Picasso ( perhaps )..the odd Klimt, Klee influence and many, many Contemporaries who also tell me I inspire them - such a love-in and anything that takes my ' artistic' brain off on one.

Currently, I am sketching Psychedelic colourful images exploring Cesar Manrique mainly, combining abstract forms and colours from the intricate to the blatant plain geometric shape - on one hand and mapping out my next ' big ' painting which will take ages to do and be based upon the ' Go east' philosphy of working title is

" Welcome to the passive consent of Humanity " which will abbreviated to Passive Consent.....

I will do a work in process on this one and may be even a you Tube presentation - such a show off. I'm thinking 4ft wide x 5ft long or may be even a triptych of three canvasses that size.. mmm

Thanks for having a nosey.

Feel free to ask me almost anything.

Art is in the mind


Tony Broadbent

( Sept/October 2014 )

So it has been a strange year with other things taking over my life since returning from abroad and completing the 18 x 6 ft mural in Lanzarote. However, I never stop thinking art, even if I am unable to paint for whatever reason. So, in short, I am further progressing in on from the influences of Ceasr Manrique,, Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky, Miro the odd Klee and loads of other plain colour field abstract artists, Colourist and geometrical art work, I have developed more of my " simple, plain colour abstract " works and am begiinning to complete a period of several weeks of isolation, getting on with it, developing new works. I will introduce them one by one, show them first before placing them for sale, as most of you know I am not too precious about sales - doing the art and sharing the pleasure is foremost but " we " all have overheads.

So...( drum roll ) the first one up is called " Opinions " and as of 16/10/2014 the paint is still is of a size 24 inch wide x 30 inch height.. metric is 60x 70 cm on a standard stretched canvas, designed for Gallery style hanging or can be framed in the latest   fashion...


( Jan/Feb/Mar 2014 )

Painted an 18 foot x 6 foot indoor wall mural at Sun Park living, Play Blanca, Lanzarote, based upon themes and subjects local to Lanzarote culture and art a la Picasso and Cesar Manrique, Miro etc. also engaged in teaching art and giving  weekly classes to beginners and private volutary tuition to other residents of this over 50's Community.

Further results included curating another " Resident's activity Wall " mural in which we all painted the piece in parts to completion. Also advised and helped some non artists become artists and complete pieces of abstract art which was suitable for display in the lounge bar.

So all in all a very useful time, plus the odd commission for local residents external to the complex.


( May 2013)

In the meantime if anything takes your 'eye' feel free to ask me if I will do another, which is exactly what I am doing at the moment, amongst other things, art it never stops nor should it.

Prints of my work are now becoming available.

( August 2013 )

Message art - " find yourself " Liberty, Freedom & Justice..... open Edition first 5 of each I will sign. The rest will come with Certificates of Authenticity only.  I may consider a different size print on larger and more robust media as one-off Statement commission pieces, possibly framed as well........ ask me for a quote. Thank you.

( September 2013 )

Message art continues, commissions, and a fusion of styles developing into what I am calling" Fractured Surrealism " See Showcase i.e. " Shoveling the Funk " & Sketches.


( October 2013 )

Three abstract oil paintings size 30 x 30 inches ( 76 cm square if you must ) on a stretched standard Canvas.
They are titled

" Only Allah is perfect ",

" On the road to Damascus "

" Masada  "

which I have already published online.. wrongly spelt as Massada, perhaps a bit Fruedian there...See works in progrees/first view........


Thank you







Tony Broadbent has had a varied life which is reflected in his work. he has been painting for 40+ years, his primary interests are colour and form, along with abstract representation and his own interpretation of the human condition.

His concluded series 'Art in the rain ' is inspired by the general malaise of 2007/8 when it rained both summers and was instrumental in channelling the delayed grief felt over the death of his mother from bowel cancer in 2006.
Following this, 2008 - 2011 included various open exhibitions, charity events, making donations and renewing the love of painting in a more positive and selfish manner, as well as getting involved with other artists and generally appreciating ' doing' the art first and foremost.
Since april 2012 he has been working in a very large Studio which is allowing the exploration of old styles and development into new areas and engaging in more live exhibitions.
Recently he exhibited as one of the top 100 emerging U.K. artists at The Other London Art Fair and is beginning to partake of wider public invitation Events/Art Fairs. He will be exhibiting at The Smith Gallery Brighouse from November for 26th in a collaberation with two other artists ( see info link below )
Normally quite reticent about publicity, he now understands and believes that it is time to share his work in a much wider forum especially the larger works.
At present he is unrepresented to any one exclusive contract though he has and does sell his works via commission through Retail, High St and online Galleries and without commission directly to customers and repeat purchasers, many of his works have featured in magazines., articles, book covers though he would be the first to admit that keeping record of what happened when has never been pertinent to him - such things require organisation.
 " Art is in the mind, I , just set the mood. "
"  My ambition is not to be an art prostitute nor do I want to be a lonely effete esoteric though I recognise the capacity of each direction in my work, art is simple it only gets complicated when others ask or tell you what it means. "
" If it means something to you without others words in your mind then good or bad, I have done my job which is to make you connect with the art. It has everything to do with that first instinct/connection - yes or no - even if you do not know why "
March 2014 Community Artist in residence Sun Park Living, Playa Blanca, commissions, an 18 foot wall Mural., Art classes, projects and being in the company of people over 50 years old, not new to life but very new to art which it has been my great pleasure to show and teach them how to both do and think art. Inspirational indeed.
Now I've had art stolen from me before, wether it be by shoplifting, iffy Gallery owners or straight forward being sold and claiming it has been lost, I've seen all the tricks and experienced most of them..we live..we learn, we don't get bitter, just wiser.
LATEST ONE ONE IS THE THEFT OF A PIECE OF ARTWORK INSTALLED IN A PRIVATE COMPLEX AND SCREWED, YES, SCREWED TO THE WALL. sorry caps off...Opinions 2 has disappeared, now if it was unliked - no problem, tell me I'll shift it, it if was damaged, let me see it first, if it was simply stolen then denial of existence is not helpful.... least..Take the bold off.
At least we continue to learn. Fortunately I took a half decent photo with my Canon or was it iphone, expensive but good at what they do and have now learned how to use technology to reproduce and enhance digitally what I do in the Studio, with a new twist.
So the the latest " digital renditions " are coming on stream and they are held in my possession, they do not exist in Retail and as such are wholly affordable without a normal double plus VAT commission placed upon them.... IF I ever nearly make it again a £55 original Ltd Edition print run of 15 would not cost £55 inc all fees, save International shipping,
Never lose sight of the passion!


Painting for since the age of 4

Trained and Self-taught.

All media but predominently oil on canvas.