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Liz Shewan

Liz Shewan

Liz Shewan

Paint, Sculpture, Illustrate, Photography

United Kingdom


  • Amid Giants & Idols, Lyme Regis
  • Apple Tree Galleries, Axminster
  • Axe Vale Festival, Axminster
  • Bishops Hull House, Taunton
  • Earth Design, Beaminster
  • Guggleton Farm Arts Project, Stalbridge
  • Isca Gallery, Budleigh Salterton
  • Jane Fuest Gallery, Alresford
  • Liz Shewan's Studio, Chard
  • Old School Gallery, Yetminster
  • The Eagle Tavern, Chard
  • The Malthouse Gallery, LYME REGIS
  • The Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport


Stoneware Clay


I am Liz Shewan and I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I left Brazil when I was four to live in England where I now reside.  As a child I was fascinated by animals, nature, spirituality, photography and fine arts.  I have dedicated my life to these disciplines which has influenced and inspired my art.

I love depicting animals, nature and people. I walk in the countryside with my dog ... and find myself remembering moments and portraying them in a rather naive illustrative way; with swirly magical trees and the breath of the wind moving in the skies; and our beloved loyal and best friend, the dog, always being a feature.  I like to express the sense of family and relationships; and variations on the theme of the statement of 'Light at the end of the Tunnel' based around everyday life experiences. Much of the time whilst working I will follow my impulse and not think about what I am doing.  When I start a piece I work through my emotions.  I both paint and sculpt, often combing the two.

Many of my paintings are, but not all, using a plaster type ingredient on canvas which produces the most wonderful texture to each painting - almost like an etching relief and sculptural effect on the canvas, using colours to accentuate the mood with acrylics.  They are very tactile and really need to be seen in the flesh to truly appreciate their beauty (confirmed by several buyers).  

My sculptures are stoneware; either glazed or layered with patina's to give the effect of a cool to the touch bronze finish. I love to work with my hands; making direct contact with the earth, as it were; and bringing my subject to life through the clay - expressing body language, body shapes and portraying their inner selves by the way they hold themselves and move within their skin.




I believe that it is important to bring beauty into your home to sing to you and uplift your spirit. 
For the last 13 years I have been working on a theme that expresses a sense of optimism and 'Inspire your Heart. Each work is inspired by the world of spirit, family and relationships, together with our beloved furry friend the dog; the breath of the wind moving in the trees, skies and seas; offering a connection to nature through wildlife; and variations on the statement ‘light at the end of the Tunnel’ in connection with our life in 'the unseen'. I believe it is important to give yourself the time to sit and contemplate ... it's a busy world out there and we have many demands put upon us.   I believe that it is important to be surrounded by this energy - whatever you have on your walls in your home or office infuses through your core being every day and effects how you feel ... so to offer your soul deep and inspiring messages every day through the art you choose to be surrounded by helps you to feel happy and whole!

So, welcome to my website where I hope you will find many treasures that whisper to your soul, awaken parts of you that you have ignored and offer you love and warmth ... all the time ... not just in moments of need or desperation. Watch out for what beckons you and allow your dreams to surface ...

A bit of background: My work is loved by art lovers, animal lovers, spiritually minded, collectors and those looking to take their first steps into the world of fine art - making growing list of national and international clients, the numbers of which keep growing year by year.

I paint and I sculpt - the human spirit, animals, nature and people. As well as describing my journey through consciousness I am also deeply inspired by the animal kingdom and the depths of their capacity to give unconditional love; as well as the wonders of nature which gives me so much joy in life. 

I will accept commissions of many shapes and forms - each request is unique and original. So get in touch with your ideas. I love to paint your family pets and am often asked to do this when they are either near the end of their beloved lives or have already passed on. I am also happy to paint your favourite landscape; or expressing your inner mind on the
canvas. Get in touch and we can discuss what you have in mind ...




Liz Shewan was born in Sao Paulo in Brazil - a place that still holds a special place in her heart.  She moved to England when she was four years old, leaving much of her family behind - who still live there to this day.  She was sent to school in Surrey;  the thing she remembers most about those days was the smell of the artroom (her favourite place) and the echo of the gym hall.  Academia was never really her style ... but one she went through before getting to where she is today.


Liz was fascinated by watching ... always taking photographs as she did so.  She found this more satisfying than sketching, instantly catching glimmers of feeling in fleeting moments in nature and people - which is the same now.  On and off Liz was always painting and sculpting throughout most of her life - never leaving it for long when life took her in different directions.  When she left school she took a Foundation Course and started a photography degree at the West Surrey College of Art and in the late 1980’s.  For personal reasons she did not continue on this course; deciding to continue the self taught route.


Liz lead an interesting and varied career in London, which served it's purpose - but never quite satisfied her to the full.  She eventually started painting large paintings and it was at this time an artist friend spotted her talent and asked her to share a show with her.  Liz pulled out all the stops and created a full body of work in less than three months.  The show was a huge success ... she sold 90% of her work on the opening night!  It was this moment that gave her the confidence to carry on with it as a career.  


Liz has been selling her work worldwide since then; 1999. She had a studio at Wimbledon Art Studios in London for some years whist also exhibiting in London Galleries.  However, she craved the countryside ... so packed up shop and moved to the South West to live and work.  


Whilst she was establishing herself in her new home Liz juggled between being and artist and a youth worker and helping individuals with learning difficulties.  Liz is an active member of the Visionary Arts Community, regularly facilitating educational workshops for regional artists.  She is now also a self employed NLP Practitioner and Energy Healing Consultant working with people and animals.  She has explored many motivational healing methodologies which she expresses in her work.


Liz has been featured regularly in Glastonbury and the South West for the past few years through self promotion by choice. However since late 2011 galleries now also represent her.  She has a list of international clients, the numbers of which keep growing year by year. Her work is loved by art lovers, animal lovers, spiritually minded, collectors and those looking to take their first steps into the world of fine art.