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Maggi Squire

Feet on Ground

Feet on Ground

feet on ground comes from sitting with bare feet on dusty hot ground, it gives a sense of grounded Being that doesn't happen perched on a chair!

Limited Edition


I am interested in myth and story, in our connection to other to the inner and outer landscape. I make, paint and create visually, and through performance. 

My visual art comes from a deep response to the seen and unseen. Our world, colours, textures and physical materials and structure of the making process. I have a strong desire to make image and figures of people from the very small to hold in the palm of a hand, to larger figures for sculpture and procession, to mask and costume in which I become layers of a person in mask dance or sculpture dance.

Feelings and a sense of movement intuitively in the moment literal movement as well as the idea of change or 'moving ' as in a feeling that arises... this is what informs much of my art which hints at visual myth and story...sometimes i like to wrap,hide and reveal the unexpected in appreciaton of life's extradordinary complexity of existance!  

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2019Working on project of 1000 women !
2017DTTV Open Studio
2016DTTV Open Studio
2014studio: research and focus on new set of work
2013Devon Open Studio exhibition in a Yurt, Coryton, Devon
2013Drawn to the valley Open Studio
2012Pop-Up Art Shop, Tavistock
2012EDGE sculpture trail, Dartmoor
4 sculptures
March 2011 May 2ndRENEWAL group exhibition CAT Contemporary Art Tavistock
dec 2010-march 15th 2011Solo exhibition west devon borough Council
Sept 4th-Oct 9th'10DART; New Contemporary Art Gallery, Paddons Row Tavistock
Sept 4th-26th '10EDGE Sculpture Trail: 3 sculptures in Woods of Heathercombe, Dartmoor
July-Sept '10Wild Waste Worm; response to TAMED the Spanish Barn, Torquay...giant sculpture of recycled materials
Sept 09DAN Open Studio Sculpture Trail Near Chagford, Devon (Inner Self in Wild Space)
June '09 - April '10'Water Bird' Sculpture at Recycled Sculpture Show, Love London at WWT Wetlands Centre, Barnes London
2000'River of Colour' a SouthWest Arts 'Year of the Artist' Project, Tavistock, Devon.
2000-01'River of Colour' exhibition at Porthtowen, Cornwall, Rural Dev Agency Exeter, Viewpoint Gallery. Plymouth
2004site specific figures at ARTFARM, Devon
2005'Tamara' sculpture figure at Mt Edgcombe Plymouth as part of a sculpture trail for Drawn to the Valley
2005'Wonder-full' recycled material, part of sculpture 'TRAIL', Dawlish, Devon Uk
2006Open Studio exhibition, Tavistock , Devon uk
2006-07'of the earth' exhibition (Maggi Squire & Jo Tyler), Sherwell Gallery, Plymouth, uk
2007Open Studio, Tavistock Devon uk
17th-30th sept'Happiness' sculkpture at Willow Barn Sculpture Exhibition
17th-30th sept 08'Happiness' sculkpture at Willow Barn Sculpture Exhibition
30 aug-7 sept 08Drawn to The Valley Open Studios, Tavistock, Devon Uk

My childhood experience of going to live in rural India when I was 8 years old  had an enormous impact on my way of seeing the world. My work is intuitive, I just start and see what comes sometimes its completed very quickly and sometimes it developes and changes over long stretches of time mapping changes that are happening within myself through changes of colour, shape and subjects, its about being aware of deep problems and deep wonders. Life is such a range of emotions and experience and sometimes painting and making sculpture and figures small and large and dance puts it right! Over the years I have done a lot of art and dance projects and workshops in schools and communities, carnivals and festivals. This has stretched my work to doing very large pieces and inclusive ideas.

In my more personal work I often use earth as my paint, the ground of my being that underlyes life and after large work small detailed work brings me back to my own self and now i love to do very small figures that are like touch stones of a particular expression or feeling, something magical about small things.

I am intersted in myth, story and movement literally and metaphorically.and love a touch of humour.