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Lisa Stocking

Lisa Stocking

Lisa Stocking

Paint, Print, Illustrate, Drawing

United Kingdom



Hand finished mono print, acrylics.

17cm x 12cm


I am interested in the sculptural qualities of natural forms and have concentrated on capturing this in my work.  Combining printmaking and painting enables me to achieve spontaneity and freedom.  Drawing is an important starting point of this process and this is where I try to infuse the subtle quality of the work. I am excited to be exhibiting with AAH again this year.


After studying for a BA in textiles at Trent Nottingham University I worked in design and illustration for clients as varied as Australian Vogue, Marks and Spencer and Selfridges amongst others.


I spent some time travelling and very much enjoyed keeping  sketchbooks of my travels through Asia. I also took the opportunity to learn batik from the masters in Yogyakarta, Java. I then transferred these techniques  into my work.


I have worked  both on fabric and paper and have had exhibitions of my work both in illustration and textiles.


After studying a PGCE in Art, I taught art in London schools for several years.

Since having my children I have rediscovered my love of painting and printmaking and I am excited to be exhibiting with Artists At Home again this year.


In my current work, I am using a combination of printmaking and painting to achieve the colour, movement and texture of natural forms. I have also been working with Silk screen printing and continue to study to keep my work fresh and energetic.