Ronan McGeough

Ronan McGeough

Paint, Illustrate, Visual Art

United Kingdom


 I am a London based Irish painter from Dundalk, Ireland. I received my B.A. (Hons) Degree in painting from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2011. Since this I moved over to London in 2012 to help develop my practice in studying the urban landscape.

I observe the knotty system of urban environment that in some cases can engulf the human condition. Expressing the decline of the city landscape in the midst of urbanisation, I use a collagist method of  composition to record our culture wounds. Using collage offers a retreat from logic, reason, transforming the familiar into the strange and imaginary. It enables me to disrupt the literal methods by which our world is mapped and design new imagined landscapes. The notion of a territorial border breaks down an is re conceived, the previously un-thought becomes possible.

I combine my photographs with newspaper and magazines as source material. Combining all of these elements together to create a new environment of experimentation, wonder and unease. I play with numbers, arrows, symbols to convince the viewer to observe and better discover the reality and the city landscapes around us, the diversity along with contradictions and frustrations in modern society.

I aim to illustrate what happens when the urban landscape is abandoned for the suburbs and the remnants of a vibrant neighborhood are gone.