maria cristina sammarco

maria cristina sammarco

Paint, Visual Art, Drawing

United Kingdom


Maria Cristina Sammarco is an Italian artist of French origin.

Her painting focuses on the marine landscape, understood as inner space. The creative process and the image that emerges at the end are always a conquest of emotional coordinates, a conscious search for the liminal area between the indefinite space of the unconscious and the precision of the sensations that emerge from it. As the curator Roberto Borghi has commented:

“ Cristina Sammarco’s painting swims in clots of colours and moods, in crystallizations immersed in fluid situations, in liquid and lively settings that have the unmistakable look of the sea.[...] In the paintings the sea is present in a way that is usually explicit, sometimes implicit, but always unmistakable: yet it is not their subject. If there is something that these works are intended to represent, it is a form of intimacy with yourself, a sinking into your own being that is able to avoid being unfathomable, a condensation of feelings that only in some cases has a crystallized, saline appearance, while usually remaining in a fluid, liquid state. The sea, in Cristina’s painting, is a sort of filter, a setting capable of distilling states of grace, of allowing life to reach its zenith. [...]”