Elizabeth James

Elizabeth James

Photography, Textile, Craft/Design, Visual Art

United Kingdom


I was born and raised in London where my relationship with photography came to light. I discovered photography at 9 years old I could not wait to own a camera of my own someday. Looking down the lens was like a different world, a form of escapism. A world that at that age I thought only I knew in that way because it was viewed through my eyes. I enjoy exploring natures elements, one of my favourite subjects to photograph is water,

Water can be calming, graceful, tranquil, powerful, strong, still or free-flowing. When my work is viewed I hope the viewer will feel the energy of the wateras it was captured and enjoy the ethereal  qualities of the forms as they have a delicate beauty that makes the image  seem not to be part of the real world. Once I discovered a camera was used to record & document our environments, my world opened up.

I enjoy capturing sections of my subjects and leave a little to the imagination. I look for the interesting in the ordinary; it seems to sharpen my senses. I like looking for texture, shadows and reflections. The outcome is a personal exploration of my subject matter. I am always aiming for the point at which form, function and meaning intersectCapturing visual rhythms in natural flow is a way of gaining a glimpse of our environment we barely notice or have words for but connects us all.’

Voted 4th in Tabish’s Top 5 at The Other Art Fair | FADWEBSITE www.fadwebsite.com 24th-27th April 2014