Tara Winona

Tara Winona

Paint, Print, Drawing

United Kingdom


  • Brentford Gallery, Brentford
  • The Congregational, Rothbury


Tara Winona creates images with the desire to tell stories.  Often with double meanings, Tara's art seeks to celebrate the power of the imagination and capture the magic and beauty of the natural world. 

Concerned with our growing disconnection with nature and the worsening state of our environment, she paints scenes from nature and life -  animals and birds peering out as a reminder of our precious natural resources, or figures forming trees of life to remind us that we are all, in the end, connected.

Originally Tara trained as a designer and illustrator in Australia ... and the bright lights of the big wide world called.  For many years, as a creative director, she concepted and directed spectaculars internationally, painting with lasers, lights, fireworks and special effects. She made homes in Milan, Paris and London and travelled the world several times, becoming two languages wiser and able to say ‘thank you’ in at least 30. Tara had alot of crazy adventures, some of them particularly hair raising, which she might write a book about one of these days...

A few years ago, in a leap of faith and following a deep inner calling, Tara got an art studio. Rediscovering her paints and words, she now splits her time between the bright lights and her own creative expressions. She works from her studio nestled along the canal banks of Johnsons Island in London, absentmindedly dipping paint brushes in her tea as the kingfishers flash past.