Julie Caves

Julie Caves

Paint, Sculpture, Print

United Kingdom


Julie Caves’ work celebrates beauty and its many juxtapositions: work and play, nature and synthesis, life and death, macro and micro, both shallow and deep spatial set-ups. She is constantly walking the tightrope between polarities. She paints a variety of subjects from portraits to pure abstractions to rather ordinary things that for some reason seem compelling to her. She is also keenly interested in capturing the luminous quality of colour.  

About her abstracts she says: "I paint non-observational abstracts for the purity of  the paint. In addition to the colour relationships that are a primary part of all of my work I am very interested in the structure of the painting and my own kind of balance. Often my method of closing-up, searching for rightness and negotiating each mark results in a complexity nearly hidden in the final state of simplified structure in my painting, a subtle activation. Sometimes my method of painting is a feeling of righting a wrong, one decision at a time, heading down a path to more correctness."