Mazchenik Alvarez Echenique

Mazchenik Alvarez Echenique

Sculpture, Craft/Design

United Kingdom


I am a ceramic artist addressing contemporary issues specific to the human condition and its connection to the natural world. I create site-specific installations and ceramic sculptures for public and private exhibitions and commissions.

A combination of casting and hand-building techniques using porcelain are characteristic of my work.  I decorate my pieces spraying coloured slips, underglazes and/or stains.I make my glazes from recipes acquired and worked on over the years, exploring the potential of different materials and techniques.


The human figure and especially the head, is a constant element in my art, because the head is where our thoughts come from and is what makes us human. Everything ultimately comes from the head, so my work investigates the human connection to nature, looking at problems and possible solutions through representations of various heads.

Nature and the environment are therefore constant themes in my work. During my degree I started to explore in depth themes such as natural disasters and climate change, and its problematic situation in our society. After much study I realised I wanted to create a body of work which raises questions about our relationship to our planet & brings aspects of this relationship into play.

The way I reflect this in my work is by a mixture of the human world and the natural world.