Edouard Burgeat

Edouard Burgeat

Installation, Furniture, Photography, Craft/Design, Visual Art, Sculpture, Drawing

United Kingdom


Edouard Burgeat is born in Paris, he works and lives between Paris & London.

The multidisciplinary nature of his work comes from his background in art and design. Studying both of these categories allows him to move freely between them, and to have a good knowledge of art & design history.

Today Edouard participated to numereous groups exhibition in cities such as London, Paris and Milan. His first solo show opened in January 2013 in Mayfair, London; he was shown at an off show of the last Frieze art fair in London, TIAF. 

The aim of his researches his based on three linked components of our environment, - Identity, cultures, object- and the way they interact together.

Pieces emerges from the re-use of objects with 'memories'. Making a change on the basic understanding of an observer on an entity - such as photographic plate, postcard, broken furniture, etc -