veronica aldous

veronica aldous

Paint, Textile, Illustrate, Drawing, Installation

United Kingdom


Veronica Aldous

Veronica works in both textile and paint creating dynamic images inspired by advertising and illustration, sci-fi, fantasy and literature.

Her exciting vibrant approach combining digital print, embroidery,paint and collage and is both challenging and humorous.

Veronica is also a a writer and poet ,and her work crosses discipline as easily as a bird can fly from a lake to  river. Her synaesthetic approach to the arts allows her great freedom of expression as she freestyle machine stitches, stencils and hand embroiders her work.

Materials used are silks, reclaimed fabrics, hand dyed fabric, pan scourers, felt and newspaper, lace and cuttings. 

This practical and pedagogical approach laps seamlessly with her poetic and imaginative forays in stitch and word, 

Veronica also enjoys  reading Tarot, dollmaking and drawing cartoons of sardonic mice and cats.