Malgorzata Rachocka

Malgorzata Rachocka

Paint, Drawing, Photography, Craft/Design, Visual Art

United Kingdom


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My Fine Art practice focuses on modernity and its implications, social conventions, self-awareness and bodily origins of meaning.

In-depth understanding of the philosophy and critical theory is a catalyst to my practice and processes. Vast majority of my paintings examines the concept of womanhood, inequality and use of female body image for the purpose of mass media and advertising. Both my figurative and abstract works are an intuitive response to the critical rationale.

I conduct my inquiries in an accord with the statement that our bodies generate meaning even before self-conscious is fully developed through movement and body's physical encounters with the world. All aspect of how we make sense of things are fundamentally aesthetic and emotional and happen though an interactive exploration of sensory and motor capacities (M.Johnson).