The Independent Artist Fair

The Independent Artist Fair

Visual Art

United Kingdom


TIAF London 2013

The Independent Artist Fair October 16-20th

Mile End Art Pavilion Clinton Road Mile End Park E3 4QY

Private View and drinks reception 16 Oct 6.30-9pm

Performance by Valeria Geremia, DJ AuntieMaureen


I welcome the opportunity of being part of a community of artists that wants to take back the power of selecting, curating and distributing artworks whose value goes beyond market trends, an “alternative” art fair

Alda Terracciano


TIAF London provides a platform that puts artists rather than the market at the forefront, showing at the same time as Frieze Art Fair and The Other Art Fair, it represents a different approach, artist-led and premised on quality and concept.


Showcasing the works of fifty contemporary artists from across the world, including Europe, America, Asia and the Middle East. Selected from over three hundred submissions in five weeks, the works include innovative sculpture, painting, photography, video, installation and performance.

Selected artists are

Alda Terracciano, Alex Ratcliffe, Carl Harris, Catriona Faulkner, Charlie Bonallack, Chloe Roach, Cristóbal Traslaviña, Dominic Negus, Doug Haywood, Ebru Herbil-Bradley, Edouard Burgeat, Evelyn O’Connor, Ewalina Kolaczek, Fausto Sanmartino, Gillian Swan, Glynn Griffiths, Heejoon Lee, Ian Kirkpatrick, Jack Sawbridge, Jaimini Patel, Jane Skinner, Jeannette Abi Khalil, Jérémie Baldocchi, Joella Wheatley, Jude Browning, Julio Campos, Kelly Jenkins, Kimberly Todd, Leonard Sexton, Lisa Snook, Michel Pincaut, Natasha Sabatini, Neil Shirreff, Nick Cobb, Olivia Strange, Paul Wood, Petrusco Mengler, Robert Jackson, Roberta Orlando, Romen Gouveia, Sana Khan, Sharon Drew, Shona Davies/Dave Monaghan/Jon Klein, Teresa Leung, The Finsbury Park Deltics, Yunji Jang, Yunna Kim, Yvette Rawson, Zac T Lee  Invited artist Lorraine Clark

TIAF London showcases established and emerging artists across disciplines, from the larger sculptural works of Glynn Griffiths and Ian Kirkpatrick to the fastidious detail of Catriona Faulkner’s ritualistic compositions and Yvette Rawson’s dioramas. Zac T Lee’s poignant photographs resonate with Nick Cobb’s psycho-spatial narratives whereas; colour and luminosity weave a dialogue between Michel Pincaut’s photographs and Neil Shirreff’s ‘Light Rings’. An extract of the extraordinary

The exhibition encompasses works that move through and around the graphic, the absurd; visual feasts of historical and societal references that refuse to be pinned down to one discipline crossing borders, immersing and re-emerging: sculptural paintings, abstract figuration, audio landscapes and obscured hyper-reality revealing works that show enquiry, beauty and concept.


 TIAF London 2013 is the first of an annual addition to the art fair calendar, with a quality over quantity ethos we seek out fantastic spaces on the periphery of more expensive venues in order to reduce costs to artists thereby removing either the financial restrictions or gallery exclusivity that prevent much exciting contemporary work to be seen in major commercial fairs. Founder and lead curator Wendy MacMillan.