I was born in Sicily, I live and work in London, devoted to photography and mixed media artwork.
The Elsewhere -or Ailleurs- dominates my art.
An endless love for travel literature ignites the desire of Ailleurs and a deep passion for travelling: to Africa, Asia, South America and across Europe, where I photographed extensively.
I focus on colours, shadows and details invisible to the ordinary eye, creating each time a meticulous and refined composition.
My photography speaks about the unsaid, the absence, the solitude and the silence enjoyed deep inside, the constant search for the Ailleurs.

In London, the city that has become my new home, I have been working with mixed media, creating a series of canvases where I combine colours, textures, patterns, papers, materials collected in my travels (henna stencils, chiyogami paper, fabrics…) playing with acrylics, marker pens, enamels.

My works are inspired by memories of my journeys, the everyday life, my experience and the reality around me that appeal to our senses and emotions, and not to our intellect.

I love to record my life, moments and people.

My purpose is not sending a message or telling a story, I want that my works should evoke just the viewer's personal emotions and feelings.


Repetition and geometry, colour and texture contrasts are a constant in my art.