Stephie Butler

Stephie Butler

Paint, Visual Art, Drawing

United Kingdom


I don’t ever remember a time where I didn’t at least draw, if not that, I would be creating in some way. Taking art as an option at school, then going on to a career as a draughtswoman, which I gave up to start a family. Painting on cakes with food colouring led me to take up painting again. I started more seriously around 2004 when taking up watercolours for the first time.

I’m almost entirely self taught, mainly through practice and experimenting, although since then, I have attended a few workshops.  mostly with Trevor Waugh whose work I greatly admire. Watercolour is my first love, but more recently I have tried oils and pastels. All subjects inspire me, but over the past year I have developed a great passion and come to love portraits, those of children in particular, and am now accepting commissions.

This past few years has been a very exciting for me, stepping out of comfort zone to give my first workshop, which was held in Dubai. This was a huge success due to two very special friends, professional artist Christopher Southcombe and his wife, retired Gallery Manager, Patricia, of whom I shall always be grateful.

I went on to join two local art clubs, have had paintings selected for exhibition and sold, in both Mayfair, and for the 2nd year running, with the “Society for Women Artists” at the prestigious Mall Galleries in London. 2010 also saw my first solo exhibition at the Kington Gallery in Herefordshire.

I continue to explore ways to express my creativity in various mediums, but Watercolour is my passion. It’s often unpredictable, sometimes uncontrollable, which make for the excitement of it for me…….

Butler is my maiden name and Stephie short for Stephanie. This is the one I have always and will continue to use for both my artwork and photography, although you may also find me under the name of Stephanie Haddon