Paolo Esposito

Paolo Esposito

Paint, Photography

United Kingdom


PAOLO ESPOSITO is an Italian painter based in London, where the Pandares Art Studio hosts his artistic activity. 

His personal attitude and creativity helped him to absorb as much as possible from the surrounding environment, and take advantage of the extremely various artistic veins in the city. Still, he likes to describe his style as constantly “developing”, as there are experiences waiting to be lived that will irretrievably further impact his artistic spirit. 

“… sometime I manage to shape them within an organized and balanced scale. Sometime I refuse to do that, leaving the contrast prevail over the form”. 

Paolo predominantly focuses on abstract painting, where colours are shaped within an organized and balanced scale. In his view colours are the essence, and by modulating, contrasting colours, laying and overlapping tonalities he is eventually able "create" fluid nuances imprinted of rational and emotional elements absorbing the observers’ attention. 

Maybe resembling a most famous echo, abstract images do not really need explanations as it would be proper to leave the observers’ imagination free from any given-nominative boundary. “It is mostly for the viewer's mind and captivated imagination to describe and title an abstract work, why should I?” 

His collection "Between Art & Beauty" - realized by combining different techniques through an attentive blend of acrylics, pigments and oils - has been displayed in London and overseas, attracting many enthusiastic feedback from admirers in Europe and Middle East.