Paint, Photography, Video/Audio

United Kingdom


I am a painter, photographer and filmmaker (and sometimes songwriter).

I paint in series eg. "The Waste Land" series based on the poems of T.S.Eliot, The "Money" series based on English notes currently in circulation, the "Found Images" series based on images that are not supposed to be there including images on famous paintings etc. I have shown extensively  including the Royal Watercolour Society, Creekside Open, Studio Voltaire, Kirkby Gallery, Winchester College, Manchester Metropolitan University, Gallery K, Venice Biennale and elsewhere.

As a filmmaker I have Produced/Directed several documentaries for Channel 4 and now make mainly short videos shown in Festivals and Galleries. My videos have been shown at the Toronto Urban Film Festival, International Short Film Festival of Cyprus, Social Cinema at the Residence Gallery, Portobello Film Festival (nominated for Best Art Film) and elsewhere. I have also plans for a feature film.

I have not shown my photographs extensively but I am now combining photographs with paintings.